Greenfield Exploration

Management, coordination and development of technical programs conducted on early stage mineral exploration projects.

Geological Mapping

Comprehensive range of geological mapping services, geological interpretation performed at a range of scales, from regional down to individual structure or prospect scale.

Geochemical Sampling

Thoroughgoing performance of management and execution for reconnaissance geochemical sampling programmes. Complex data acquisition based on soil, rock, pan concentrate or stream sediment samples.

Project Management

The integrated management services delivered for mineral exploration projects to generate and test exploration targets in safety manners.

Drilling Campaings

Daily key activities management on drill site including pre start engineering and planning, logistic coordination, service delivery, risk mitigation and third-party coordination.

Logging Data Acquisition

Once a potential site is identified and exploration drilling can be used the offer include the acquisition and interpretation of logging data from exploration drilling (diamond core, the drill cuttings).

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Palo Lajciak MSc & Field Oriented Exploration Geologist


With over 13 years experiences in the mineral exploration industry, I specialise in design, implementation and review of exploration programs. I am strongly field oriented exploration geologist. I have proven competence in managing a variety of different types of multi-commodity exploration programmes, related to generating regional exploration targets and subsequent discovery of mineral resources. My experience includes working in various jurisdictions offshore, mostly in Africa & Australia.