Palo Lajciak MSc |Au-Ag-Te Epithermal Deposit | Consultant Geologist

Asiatic Gold / Hee Song Metals Co Ltd.

Exploration Target

Epithermal Au-Ag-Te | Greenfield Project

Project Location

Asiatic Gold is an emerging Australian unlisted public company currently focused on the discovery and development of several high grade gold projects in South Korea (Gubong, Hampyeong, Kochang, Imcheon). South Korea was large gold producer during the Japanese occupation during period 1930-1943. Retaining historical mine data indicates good potential for mine re-commissioning.

Geology Overview

South Korea is considered to have potential to host world class gold deposits based on its gross tectonic setting above Late Paleozoic—Late Cretaceous subduction zones, the presence of a deformed rift-related Paleozoic sedimentary belt between two crustal Precambrian basement blocks, and its Late Cretaceous sinistral transpressional faulting synchronous with volcanoclastic basin formation, granitoids intrusion and shallow level Au-Ag mineralisation.

Position & Responsibilities
  • Geologist consultant accountable to carry out epithermal Au deposit reconnaissance mapping and sampling including design, implementation and application of soil sampling, rock chips sampling and trenching excavation programmes through several exploration tenements to generate new exploration concepts and drilling target opportunities.
  • GIS database compilation, development and maintenance for map production on demand.
  • Reporting to exploration manager.