Palo Lajciak MSc | Ta/Nb Pegmatite | Exploration Project Manager

Global Advanced Metals

Exploration Target

Ta/Nb minerals, Cr, | Early Stage Greenfield Project

Project Location

The Kambui Hills Ta/Nb exploration project area covers approximately 140 square kilometers located on WWN site of Kenema town in the Kenema district of Eastern Province, Sierra Leone. The Kambui hills ridges rising less then 600 m above see level are intensely dissected by high gradient streams with a dendritic drainage pattern.

Geology Overview

The Kambui Hills lithological setting consists mainly of metasedimentary rocks overlying or enveloping belt of amphibolite – gneiss units of supracrustal origin, referred to granite – greenstone terrain. Discovered pegmatites bodies (host rock Ta/Nb mineralisation) primarily appear to be conformable dikes like sheet formed interbeds within pre existing amphibolite – gneiss units.

Position & Responsibilities
  • The Exploration Project Manager responsible for:
  • The developing overall early stage exploration strategy for discovery and assessment of Ta/Nb ore resource.
  • The comprehensive geological and mineralogical survey the newly acquired exploration lease involving petrographic, geochemical and structural assessment of the Kambui Hill territory to evaluate economical significance of Ta/Nb minerals alluvial distribution for exploiting and utilising Ta-Nb alluvial ore resources.
  • The planning, developing, and executing of broad reconnaissance mapping and geochemical sampling programmes to provide systematic collection and compilation of detailed geologic and geochemical dataset for realistic an exploration model development. Identify, what geological factors control the grade and distribution of Ta/Nb (Cr) mineralization to define appropriate final drilling targets.
  • The geological assessment of adjacent abandoned Chromite-mines to provide sufficient technical details for the suitability of the old mining sites for further exploration project development in addition.
  • Comfortable managing a team of national junior geologists, including third party products vendors and services suppliers.