Palo Lajciak MSc | Greenfield Project | Country Geologist

Mawson West Ltd.

Exploration Target

Cu-Fe sulfides, Au, Ag, Zn, Pb | Greenfield Project | Project resulted in the mining production in 2012.

Project Location

The Kapulo project is located in the southeastern corner of the Democratic Republic of Congo, approximately 150 km northeast of Dikulushi and 45km east-northeast of the town of Pweto, at the north-east edge of Lake Mweru.

Geology Overview

The Kapulo deposit represents sediment hosted, structurally controlled replacement and vein Cu – deposits in the Central African Copperbelt. consist sediment-hosted SCRV type resource in the Lufilian Foreland developed along a 3-km strike length of the Kapulo Fault and include, from north to south, the Shaba (Katanga), Safari North, and Safari South deposits, and the Luao-Kasongo prospect. The Kapulo copper deposits are interpreted to be hypogene, fault controlled deposits, comprising disseminated/massive/brecciated chalcopyrite-bornite mineralisation with massive to nodular cuprite and supergene azurite and malachite. The mineralisation is lithostructurally controlled, hosted in shales and sandstones of the Kundelungu Group representing the footwall granite.

Position & Responsibilities
  • The Country Geologist responsible for:
  • The managing all technical and partially logistic aspects of greengrass exploration project supported extensive exploration drilling and regional geochemical sampling programmes within the 5000 km2 area to identify opportunities for Cu-Ag-Au and base minerals exploration targets.
  • The planning, development, supervising and executing of detailed reconnaissance (mapping, soil-rock-stream sampling, trenching etc…) and other sort of field work performed for prospect evaluation and target generation.
  • The sample management (rock chips, soil, pan-concentrate, DH core), QA/QC policy development and implementation.
  • The regular weekly reporting to CEO in Perth on geologic and logistic operations, third party service providers (drilling company, geology consultants, local authorities) liaison, comprehensive management of DH drilling operation in targeted areas.
  • The extensive Micromine and GIS database management including data compilation, validation and and interpretative geology map production.
  • The tuition, comfortable management and supervising of national geologists and field workers team with respect to local cultural sensitivities.