Palo Lajciak MSc | Iron Ore Study | Senior Geologist

Sundance Resources Ltd.

Exploration Target

Iron Ore | Feasibility Study

Project Location

The Mbalam-Nabeba Iron Ore Project straddles the border of the Republic of Cameroon and the Republic of Congo.

Geology Overview

The massive hematite deposits of the Mbalam region are hosted in recrystallised iron formations which form part of the Mbalam Series, an Archaean greenstone belt composed of chlorite schists, sericite schists, amphibolite schists, pyroxene-bearing amphibolites and serpentinites. The greenstone belt occurs on the northern margin of the Congolese Craton which has been age dated at 2,850 million years. Similar greenstone terrains with iron formation are also known from the High Ivindo in Gabon and Souanke in the Congo within the Congolese Craton. Both host important massive hematite deposits.

Position & Responsibilities
  • Senior Geologist responsible for:
  • The providing geological, managerial and administrative support to a range of feasibility study operation related to extensive resource, metallurgic, geotechnical DH drilling and resource RC drilling as well.
  • The managing and supervising DH/RC logging, sampling, QC/QC policy and the performing of Micromine and GIS database management, maintenance and production data validation.
  • Comfortable managing a team of national junior geologists in the field and on drilling sites, including professional and technical staff executing the drilling operations.