Palo Lajciak MSc | Iron Ore Deposit | Project Exploration Geologist

BHP Billiton

Exploration Target

Iron Ore | Feasibility Study

Project Location

Kitoma is located in Nimba County, near the town of Sanniquellie and is approximately 240km northeast of Monrovia, Liberia. The Kitoma EL covers an area of 113km2 (27,919 acres) and is bound by the Guinean border along the St John River to the west.

Geology Overview

The Kitoma project area is generally dominated by outcrops and floats of granite gneisses, leucogneisses and iron formations with occasional evidence of schist, quartzite and amphibolite. The iron formation is commonly coarse grained, foliated and quartz dominated with granoblastic to granuloblastic textures. The iron ore mineralisation is the result of metamorphism and may be Archaean or early Proterozoic in age.

Position & Responsibilities
  • Project exploration geologist responsible for field mapping operation. Delivering of a high-quality interpretation product, including quality control and overall integration of all relevant geoscience studies / results from contributing specialists. Work both independently and in collaboration with the team and specialists to generate new concepts and drilling target opportunities.
  • Daily reporting for geological operations, management of those operations in compliance with environmental conservation guidelines and with respect to local cultural sensitivities, definition & implementation of OH&S policy.
  • Comfortable managing a team of national junior geologists in the field and on drilling sites, including professional and technical staff executing the drilling operations.