Palo Lajciak MSc | Paleoproterozoic Au | Greenfield Project | Exploration Geologist

Tanami Gold NL

Exploration Target

Paleoproterozoic Au | Greenfield Project

Project Location

The Coyote Gold Mine project is located in the remote Tanami Desert of Australia. Tanami Gold company has leases both in the Central Desert Shire of the Northern Territory and the Kimberley Region of Western Australia.

Geology Overview

Gold mineralisation is dominantly hosted by narrow quartz veins developed within the turbiditic sediments of the Killi Killi formation constituted from siltstones and sandstones. The basal unit represents the Dead Bullock Formation, dominated by siltstone with carbonaceous shale, calc-silicates and banded-iron formation.

Position & Responsibilities
  • The Exploration geologist primarily responsible for the geological and geochemical evaluation (mapping, rock & lag sampling) of Tanami Gold exploration interests within exploration leases, with a strong focus on execution of regional RAB drilling plans and integration, validation and management of all available data collected during field work.
  • Daily reporting for RAB drilling operations, management of those operations in compliance with environmental conservation guidelines and with respect to local cultural sensitivities, definition & implementation of OH&S policy.