Palo Lajciak MSc | Woodie Woodie | Project Exploration Geologist

Consolidated Minerals

Exploration Target

Mn Ore | Near Mine Exploration Project (Brownfield)

Project Location

The Woodie Woodie Manganese mine, located approximately 400km southeast of Port Hedland in the Pilbara region of Western Australia. The mine is recognised internationally as a reliable independent supplier of high-grade, low-impurity manganese to global markets. Mining operations at Woodie Woodie utilise traditional open-pit mining methods, with ore being sourced from open pits and blended to maintain consistent product specifications.

Geology Overview

Manganese deposit was discovered in the Woodie Woodie area in 1949 and mining commenced in 1951.High grade (30-45% Mn) manganese mineralisation occurs within the late Archaean Carawine Dolomite, commonly beneath, and potentially obscured by, the Pinjian Chert Breccia. In addition, lower grade (~15-20% Mn) mineralisation occurs locally at the base of the Mesoproterozoic Manganese Subgroup that overlies the Pinjian Chert Breccia.

Position & Responsibilities
  • Project Exploration Geologist responsible for:
  • The planning, execution and supervision of overall a near mine exploration programs undertaken to target areas for further exploration development with emphasise to verify a new developed exploration model for discovery of new high-grade Mn deposits hosted by Carawine Dolomite.
  • The design, implementation, interpretation and management of drilling programs to complete a JORC compliant estimates.
  • The management, coordination and development of geophysics survey programs conducted by third party suppliers. The providing support for the engineering consulting group’s various studies plus represents of mining department group.
  • The Micromine and GIS database compilation, validation and management, report writing and interpretative map production.